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About Connect Our Elders of Central and Eastern Wisconsin

Why Choose Us?

Connect Our Elders believes that to appropriately care for our Nation’s Elders it is not enough to just look at things in a compartmentalized manner as issues arise.

We must be proactive in educating our Elders about adequate planning as far as finances, estate planning, trusts, etc. in addition to letting them know proactively about all of the various levels of care on the continuum, how they work together, how each is paid for, as well as the community resources, technology solutions, and other benefits such as veterans benefits that exist.

We feel strongly that direct to consumer education for the Elder themselves and their inner circle which encompasses family and advisors needs to be drastically improved.

“Empowering Aging” virtual events are one aspect of Connect Our Elders. We bring together various experts from the continuum of care alongside legal/financial professionals so as to educate and transparently paint a picture for people of why proactive planning in all areas of one’s life is crucial.

Connect Our Elders, in addition to believing so strongly in direct to consumer education, partners with home care agencies, care managers, senior housing placement processionals (not direct to communities as we believe families deserve to have the on-ground experts facilitating tours to various communities and the on-ground placement professionals truly understand the differentiators of each community option), legal/financial professionals so as to help Elders and their inner circle navigate and get connected to experts in each area.

Learn About Top Elder Care Service Resources by Connect Our Elders.

Simply providing a list of resources to these families is not adequate. It does nothing to reduce overwhelm. However, making a confident, professional, direct recommendation does. Families all across our Nation need us to lead!

Mission Statement

Empowering aging through resource education, navigation, and advocacy.

Meet the Team

Learn About Top Elder Care Service Resources by Connect Our Elders.

Jill Cassiani is the Owner of Connect Our Elders – Central and Eastern Wisconsin. While owning and operating both her home care business and assisted living communities Jill has over 25 years of experience in the Senior Care industry. Families know they can trust her to assist in choosing the best course of action to help improve lives and to offer peace of mind for all. With empathy and compassion, Jill understands the complexity of caring for a loved one first personally and professionally.

Jill and her company ARC Angels is the original founder of the Alzheimers Forget Me Not Fundraiser that continues benefit the Wolf River, Brown and Marinette Dementia Networks through a 501c3. She is also involved in the Waupaca Caregiver Alliance, and the Wolf River Dementia Network.

What is Eldercare and How Working With a Connect Our Elders Advocate Will Reduce Your Overwhelm, Stress, and Fear

Elderly care, or simply eldercare, serves the needs and requirements of senior citizens. It encompasses assisted living, adult daycare, long-term care, nursing homes, hospice care, and home care.

Connect Our Elders is a trusted resource in making difficult, crucial decisions regarding care planning and care options for yourself and/or your loved one. These decisions fall into several categories:

  • Personal Care/Non-Medical Home Care
  • Care Management
  • Placement Into a Senior Community
    • Independent Living
    • Assisted Living
    • Board & Cares
    • Memory Care
  • Legal/Financial Resources to ensure proper planning has been done
  • Alternative resources to pay for care
  • Veterans’ resources
  • Community resources
  • Technology resources to support empowered aging wherever you call home

It is not often families understand clearly what’s needed to adequately support their loved one in the aging experience and Connect Our Elders is here to provide empathetic, proactive education and navigation through the many resources that exist. Working with Connect Our Elders as your navigator reduces overwhelm, stress, fear of the unknown creating space for you to focus your energy on your relationship with your loved one rather than becoming a full-on student having to learn the eldercare industry, being a caregiver, or a care manager. Be present in your relationship with your loved one and let Connect Our Elders do the rest.

Be present in your relationship with your loved ones, let us be your Care Navigator. Connect with us for a FREE comprehensive phone assessment.

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